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The Pourty Easy-to-Pour Boys Potty!!!

The Pourty potty from the UK has won many awards including Best New Product to Market 2010/11. The Pourty Potty is a great boys potty. It offers the convenience of a basic potty, is as easy to empty as a two piece potty and its unique one piece design makes it more hygienic and easier to clean.

Many potties are good for boys and girls, but for a boys potty you should look for a good splash guard and a deep bowl. The Pourty potty has a higher splash guard than a lot of other potties and this helps prevent pee from escaping over the front of the potty, when boys fail to aim their pee downwards. The Pourty potty las has a deep bowl giving boys plenty of room for their bits to dangle down! The best bit about the Pourty is that it has a unique pouring duct and anti-drip lip, which make it much easier and more hygienic to empty and clean than normal boys potties.

When emptying a conventional potty you have to pour the pee and/or poo over the area where the child sits and pee dribbles down the side of the potty and can go everyewhere. 

4 pourtiesWith the Pourty potty, you can pour the poo and pee through the duct out of the back of the Pourty potty away from where boys sit or touch with no messy dribbles. Simply clean by refilling the Pourty potty with water and pouring it out of the back of the potty again.

The Pourty potty is perfect for potty training boys. Its features include:

  • a high splash guard to help prevent boys from peeing over the top of the front of the potty;
  • a deep bowl giving boys plenty of room to get comfortable;
  • a wide flat seat which is comfortable for boys to sit on and helps limit the red ring that boys can get around their tush when they have been sitting on a boys potty for a long time;
  • a sturdy plastic that gives boys confidence that it wil hold their weight and reduces the risk that the potty will stick to their tush when they stand up.

We have received consistent feedback that boys find the Pourty comfortable to sit on. The Pourty is larger and has a wider flatter seating area than most one piece potties, but it is a little lower than some of the two piece and 3-in-1 potties. This allows the child to get into a good position to pee and poo. Medical evidence shows that squatting is the best position for emptying bladder and bowels efficiently and healthily.

The Pourty was designed by parents Jonnie and Lucy Rathbone and is made in England and in China.

PCT patent application number: PCT/GB2009/051677

EC Design registration number: 001181960-0001

Video of Pourty Easy-to-Pour Boys Potty

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“Check out our video, which shows how well it works and how badly a normal boys potty pours. Watch out for the prunes!”