Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer

This is by far the most secure toilet training seat. My daughter didn’t wobble or need to hold onto the sides to steady herself. She felt confident climbing onto a step to get to the seat by herself as the seat stayed firmly in place.

5/5 review Bizziebaby

The Flexi-Fit Toilet Training seat comes with two adjustable prongs which…attached perfectly and didn’t wobble we were able to take it off pretty easy too. Its really handy when it comes to moving it from toilet to toilet.

Blogger review – Berice Baby

Berice Baby

I was really pleased with how secure this toilet trainer feels when attached to the toilet seat and my daughter was very happy to sit on it because it doesn’t wobble about and she finds it comfortable. Having used another toilet seat for my son 3 years ago, I definitely prefer this one because it makes your child feel so much more secure.

Star rating 5/5 – Amazon customer review


My boy loves his Pourty toilet training seat. He can now climb onto the toilet himself (by holding onto the radiator and using a step) and get down too. This is adding to his sense of independence and I’m amazed at how far he has come in the few short weeks since I was pulling my hair out at the constant accidents.

Blogger review – Monster Mummies

monster mummies

I really liked the Pourty Toilet Trainer. It was easy to install, the directions are great and even has pictures to help. My son enjoyed using it he always has to hold himself up over the toilet but with the Pourty he could easily sit and be comfortable. I think this is a must have for parents who are potty training.

Blogger Review – Saving for my family

saving for my family

This is an awesome addition for families who use and love the Pourty Potty. The seat topper fits on most toilet seats and has prongs to stay in place. Children familiar with the Pourty Potty will feel comfortable. The seat also has a gap in the backrest to help children have easy access to wipe. Fantastic!

Star rating – 5/5 Mommas Bacon on Amazon.com


Amazing!! Overnight she would get onto the toilet on her own and happily go about her business. You can see that she is comfortable on this toilet trainer and there is no chance of an accident as the front piece helps her position herself just right.

Star rating 5/5 – Amazon customer review